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Rigid Board Printing

Rigid Board Products

Endless possibilities for creating impactful signage, displays, and visual communication solutions tailored to specific needs and environments.

Foam Board

Lightweight signage perfect for indoor displays and presentations.

Corrugated Plastic

Waterproof, cost-effective signs for yard displays and temporary advertising.

Aluminum Composite

Strong, lightweight panels for long-term outdoor sig- nage and cladding.


Durable, weather-resistant prints for both indoor and outdoor use.


Sleek, modern prints on clear acrylic panels for vi- brant, glossy signage.

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Rigid Board Solutions

Event Signage

Rigid boards are commonly used for event signage, such as welcome signs, directional signs, sponsor boards, and registration signage, to guide attendees and enhance the overall experience.

Presentation Materials

Effective presentation materials for conferences, seminars, and meetings, including posters, charts, graphs, and visual aids to convey information and engage audiences.

Construction Site Signage

Employed in construction sites for safety signage, informational signs, project boards, and directional signs to communicate hazards, regulations, and project updates to workers and visitors.

Educational Materials

Create interactive displays, educational posters, informational panels, and learning aids for students and visitors.

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