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The Office Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) Fleet initiative known as PrintSmart has been in place at the University since 2008 and is centrally managed by Media Production Services.  The Fleet consists of more than 270 devices located largely on the McMaster campus with approximately 35 devices available at various satellite locations.

A “Standard Accounting” document is available for our new Xerox devices. For more information, read the Customer Training Instructor Guide.

Printing on distributed print devices such as the fleet copiers is always recommended for small quantities. However, when you need to run larger jobs over about 250 copies, the Print Group can do it more cost effectively for you.

Information Box Group

Toner Orders

Auto supplies replenishment, including toner, is now available on every Fleet device at McMaster with the exception of a few off campus devices.  Your device will send us an alert when a consumable is getting low and automatically trigger an order.  The replacement will be delivered to your area on the next business day.

For same day rush requests or if your device is not part of the auto supplies replenishment program,  please complete the following order form here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Geoff Woods at

Paper Orders

For copier paper requests please complete the following order form here.

Facilities Services, in partnership with the Campus Store, manage the processing and fulfillment of white copy paper supplies on Campus. Cascades Repro Plus 50% Recycled Copy Paper, 20 lb.

For specialty papers, including cover stocks and colour paper, please send an email request to

Photocopier Requests

Arranging for a new fleet copier is a fairly involved process as we have a finite number of copiers currently deployed around the University under our contract. All requests are reviewed with a view to maximizing the utility of the machines across the entire University. Unfortunately, not all requests can be accommodated. However, a reasonable explanation and suggestions for alternatives will be provided in the event that we cannot fulfill your request.

The first step in acquiring a new fleet copier, or to move an existing device to a new location, is to send a request to Geoff Woods at