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Steps to Follow

When submitting tests for scanning:

  1. Completely fill out the Request form. A sample request form and answer sheets with instructions can be found here.
  2. Prepare the student response sheets: right side up, timing marks on the same side, no extra paper or post-it notes, no paper clips or staples. When using multiple versions, make sure the version number is coded on each student’s sheet.
  3. Prepare the paper answer key(s) and label them clearly. If using a weighted file, indicate the file name on the Request Form.
  4. Submit your test to Media Production Services (Temporary Lecture Theatre – T34).
  5. Turnaround times for tests fluctuate depending on the time of year and can be up to 48 hours during exams. Please check with the Customer Service for current turnaround times.

Weighted Questions/Answers

By default the system gives a student one mark for each right answer and all other answers are considered incorrect with a mark of zero. A paper answer key is typically used for this marking scheme. However, the OMR exam system allows for instructors to weight questions, answers or both using a “weighted file”. If the test has weighted questions or answers then a weighted file must be supplied instead of a paper answer key for the test to be processed correctly.

Submit the Weighted Questions/Answers as follows: Course name – Course Code – Prof Last Name – Date (Bio1AA3JessomeApr2020)