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Exceptions: Student Difference Report

Exam: SCAN 1A03 C01 Term 2
Instructor: EL SHAWWA N.
Date scanned: Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Note: Sheets are piled in reverse order as they are scanned. The “sequence number in the original scan” refers to the location of the sheet in the pile counting up from the bottom of the pile, provided the pile has not been disordered.

Number of Students Registered (from Registrar’s Office): 36

Number of Sheets Scanned: 35

This report shows the differences between the class list held by Registrar’s Office (as of February 9, 2004) and the IDs on the OMR exam scan sheets scanned.

Students in the Class List for whom there is NO MARK (did not write?)

0000036 CHUMLEY
0000037 PARSELY
0000038 YU

Students NOT in the Class List for whom there is a mark (not registered in class?)

(showing student ID, name, sequence number in the original scan)

0000001 BRUIN 31
0000002 CROFT 3

Duplicate IDs

Note: Sheet sequence numbers are counted from the bottom of the pile of sheets.

0000003 WRAITH
Duplicate IDs found on these sheets in the original scan: 26, 28