Keep up to date with what's happening at MPS! Below is a compilation of our newsletters.

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    Thank you, for your continued support!

    December 2018

    The staff at MPS would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours the very best of the season and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018.

  • Welcome to the world of Large Format Printing

    Welcome to the world of Large Format Printing

    March 2017

    Large format printing can be used for a wide variety of applications such as tradeshow exhibits, banners, posters, retail signage, promotional signage, vehicle and window wraps, wall graphics, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

    Let Media Production Services help you select the right product and proper printing materials for your project. Not sure what your Large Format needs are? Let us help you narrow down your options to get you noticed.

  • MPS Celebrating 25 Years of Service

    Celebrating 25 Years of Service at McMaster University

    December 22, 2016

    Each year we like to put together a free calendar as a thank you to our esteemed colleagues. This year, in celebration of our 25 years of service at McMaster University, we decided to take this opportunity to showcase some new and exciting printing options.

  • MPS New Products Available Now

    Signage Products!

    October 26, 2015

    Posters / Coroplast Signs / Foamcore Signs / Bag Signs / Floor Displays / Plak-It Mounting / Retractable Banners / Display Items / Table Coverings / Wind Flags / Pop-up Tents / Accessories and MUCH MORE!

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    Reminder: McMaster Adopting Electronic Pay Statements

    October 16, 2014

    Every two weeks, on Friday, you see them nestled in McMaster’s employee’s mail slots: the paper pay statement.

    It’s a routine employees have grown accustomed to, but this October pay statements will meet the electronic age at McMaster.

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    Media Production Services Recognized for Distinctive Service

    September 25, 2014

    Staff at Media Production Services have been recognized by their peers with an award from the College and Print Management Association of Canada.

    MPS earned the Distinctive Service Award at the national organization’s annual conference, which brings together print managers and staff from post-secondary institutions across the country.

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    The Price is Right!

    Fall 2014

    In this issue, MPS would like to highlight its competitive position and contributions. As a favoured supplier, we take our obligations to our customers and the University very seriously. Over the past year, we have conducted pricing reviews and market comparisons of all our products. We have established a general price list and have benchmarked many of our products and services against other Universities.

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    Let’s take a peek behind the curtain…

    June 2014

    In this edition, we would like to take you behind the scenes to give you the inside scoop on how MPS produces the convocation programs and degrees. Meet the people; follow the process and find out how vital our McMaster partnerships are to us. It takes an amazing team effort to pull this off successfully!

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    Media Production Services: Great Service, Convenient Location

    November 2013

    Welcome to the latest edition of our Media Production Services eNewsletter. This issue showcases the various ways in which MPS aims at providing consistent customer satisfaction through convenience, technological solutions, continuous improvement and quality.

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    Welcome to the New and Improved Print Shop at Mohawk

    September 2013

    Design is not only a passion but an obsession for Lesley. Over 26 years ago after three years of College in Toronto for Illustration and Design, with a major in Medical Illustration, she landed the job as a summer intern for the McMaster University Graphics Department and has continued to grow within the ever changing world of design.

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    Media Production Services Builds Award Winning Websites… wwwhat?!

    July, 2013

    I often have clients who are surprised to learn that we build websites. Well, not only is that true, but we excel at it! In this issue of our newsletter, we shed some light on the latest technologies and best practices to follow when working on your next web project.

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    Welcome to our first Media Production Services eNewsletter!

    April 2013

    We will be sending eNewsletters out periodically throughout the year to keep you updated on exciting new developments within our department. If you think this is a big eNewsletter... well... we've had a big year!